The NBA is in a precarious situation once again in light of the latest surge of COVID-19 transmissions. The league has already suspended several games in recent days to avoid further complications from the virus.

Several players have already expressed their concerns. NBA commissioner Adam Silver already said they have no plans of postponing the much-anticipated slate on Christmas Day. Although he admitted that they can’t really control what’s going to happen in the coming days.

While some have tempered their thoughts on the matter, former NBA center Andrew Bogut was more pessimistic with his opinions. In the latest episode of his podcast, the one-time NBA champion with the Golden State Warriors offered a bleak outlook for the league.

“It’s scary times. It’s teetering, it’s teetering. It’s looking like, who knows what will happen? I’m not sure if they have a hub set up as an emergency, you know. What you’re hearing from that side of the world, will the season continue to go on? Will they have to pause?”

For Bogut, who’s no stranger to speaking out his mind during his solid NBA career, it appears that the recent game between the Orlando Magic and Brooklyn Nets, who were both battered by COVID-19 protocols and were forced to feature fringe players, was the final straw.

“Twenty-four pros. I’m not great at math, but it’s was 3-on-3 essentially, with some G-Leaguers.”

Clearly, the situation hasn’t been ideal. Several teams have placed multiple players under COVID-19 protocols as well. But Bogut is also coming from a place of concern. In the meantime, it seems we can only hope that everything gets better soon.