Warriors video: Stephen Curry gets called for travel in doing James Harden's move
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Stephen Curry gets called for travel in doing James Harden’s move


The Golden State Warriors defeated the Sacramento Kings 127-123 today, but there seems to be one particular play in this game that most fans believe they have seen not so long ago.

With six minutes left in the fourth quarter and the Warriors leading 111-108, Steph Curry did this.


In the said play, the Warriors guard took a double step back three point shot attempt, and it seems that everyone who saw it had flashbacks of a similar play that was done by James Harden a few weeks ago.

Some fans were quick to work too, as a side by side video of the said plays quickly got uploaded on the various social media platforms.

Now let us compare, shall we?

Well, it seems that the Warriors superstar is trying to take a few pages from Harden’s book. Unfortunately for him, it did not work.

It seems like the referees have learned their lesson, as Curry immediately got called for a travelling violation, something that did not happen when Harden did it last year.

That shouldn’t bother Steph though, as he literally torched the Kings, scoring 42 points in the win. He also had five rebounds and two assists for the Warriors. Not bad for someone who tried to escape with a travel.