Warriors news: Stephen Curry gives $25k to golfer whose wife is battling cancer
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Stephen Curry gives $25k to golfer whose wife is battling cancer

Steph Curry, Warriors

Stephen Curry is more than just a great basketball player. He’s also a great person. According to an ESPN report, Curry donated $25,000 to a GoFundMe page to raise funds for golfer Scott Harrington’s wife. Jenn Harrington was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma earlier this year.

Curry donated the funds through his (and his wife’s) foundation. Curry also spoke with the Harringtons to let them know he’s there for them during this difficult period.

Curry told reporters via Web.com TOUR:

“It was a good conversation this morning that I had with him. Just to let him know how, obviously everybody out here on the Tour, and everybody I’ve talked to that knows him, says so many great things about him and his family, and are thinking about him during the tough time right now.”

This is an incredibly heartwarming gesture from the Currys, but these types of stories are still upsetting. The Harringtons are fortunate that they have people in their corner.

But many people going through the same types of health issues don’t have this same type of backing. GoFundMe has turned into a pseudo-healthcare provider in the US and it feels wrong that people who need help can’t receive adequate care. There must be a better way than hoping and praying that someone will come to the rescue like the Currys did in this situation.

But of course, the biggest takeaway from this story is that everyone is praying for Jenn Harrington to make a speedy recovery and we are all in her corner right now.