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Warriors’ Stephen Curry insists he ‘feels fresh’ despite age disparity with younger supporting cast


Stephen Curry is entering his eleventh season with the Golden State Warriors. He’s still the Baby-Faced Assassin, but his experience over the past five seasons saw him grow as a player. There’s a different challenge awaiting him this coming season, though.

Half of this season’s Dubs team is made up of younger players. He’s now one of the team’s established vets, and he’ll have an additional responsibility of leading the team’s young guns on top of competing for a top seed in the West.

Anyone would think that Steph would have a tough season of him. However, he’s eager to play as if he was 23. The Warriors are counting on him to do just that.

Connor Letourneau of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote:

Stephen Curry tries not to think about his new status as the Golden State Warriors’ elder statesman.

But sometimes after practice, one of his young teammates unknowingly reminds Curry, now 31, of his advanced age, usually with a variation of the same question: “What are you getting into? Want to hang out?” Curry politely declines. With three kids at home, he needs to beat the traffic to Atherton to help his wife, Ayesha, around the house.

“I’m sure their days are a little different than mine,” Curry said of his 20-something teammates. “But outside of that, I don’t feel it. I still feel fresh. I’m still young at heart on the court.”

His team isn’t a heavy favorite to win the West due to the presence of the two stacked teams in LA. However, the Warriors are ready to step up. D’Angelo Russell will be determined to prove his doubters wrong yet again. Draymond Green should be motivated to step up. The rest of the team’s young core will be eager to play.

And Curry will return to being the head chef and cook up ridiculous threes all over the court.