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Warriors’ Stephen Curry discloses nerve irritation in his injured hand

Stephen Curry, Warriors

The timetable for Stephen Curry’s return to the Golden State Warriors may have to be moved again. His broken hand seems to be more complicated than what was originally thought.

The star guard gave an update about his hand injury to the media. And according to the details in Anthony Slater’s tweet, it seems like his time away from the team may take longer than originally planned.

He revealed that the nerves in his hand were irritated due to the procedure implemented to fix his hand. It was an expected side effect of the operation, but the irritation means that Chef Curry would have to go through another procedure to fix it. The procedure will most likely be done in December as part of his rehabilitation process. During this time, Curry will not be joining the Warriors on their road trips in order to focus on rehabbing and fully recovering from the injury he sustained.

The best shooter in today’s NBA broke his hand early in the game and was expected to return to the team after three months of recovery. The second procedure may put another setback to his timetable, but he expects to be back with the team by spring.

The Warriors are currently struggling without his help. D’Angelo Russell is doing his best his with nightly averages of 25.3 points, 4.3 rebounds, and 6.3 assists. However, the Dubs lack an attacking edge without him and Klay Thompson.

Fans have expected this to be a low year for the Dubs, so all Curry can do in the meantime is focus on properly recovering from his injury.