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Warriors guard Stephen Curry says LeBron James to the Lakers only creates more ‘suspense’ on fan perspective

LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Warriors, Lakers

LeBron James going to the Los Angeles Lakers is a topic that we can all agree as ad nauseam. It seems that James is the axis upon the NBA’s world revolves. Whether people like it or not, the four-time MVP is still the face of the league, even though he has lost in each of the last two editions of the NBA Finals to the Golden State Warriors.

Speaking of the Warriors, point guard Stephen Curry gave his perspective with regards to James’ move to the Western Conference. For the two-time MVP, James’ addition to the Lakers benefits those fans who want a little more air of unpredictability in the league after four-straight years of the same two teams meeting in June.

“As an NBA fan, looking at the league, it just creates that suspense that we all appreciate,” said Curry during a recent appearance on SportsCenter.

You can view the entire interview below.

With James now in the West, there will be a non-LeBron-led team that will represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals for the first time since 2011. If anything, much of the suspense will be provided by the teams in the East, as the Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76ers, Toronto Raptors, Indiana Pacers, and the Milwaukee Bucks among others are expected to duke it out for the conference title.

Bookmakers are not feeling the suspense as much, though, as Stephen Curry and the Warriors remain as the prohibitive favorite to win in the West and in the NBA Finals.