San Francisco, CA – Who would have known that two kids from Akron, Ohio born in the same hospital just a few years apart would grow up and become the two biggest superstars in today's NBA world. It's real, and those two kids are Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry and Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James.

These two have created a legacy and a rivalry the basketball world will never forget.

After the Warriors fell to the Lakers in a blowout loss on Monday night, Stephen Curry talked to the media about his relationship with James.

“Respect is always there,” Warriors guard Stephen Curry told ClutchPoints. “You have a situation where it's not just me and him (LeBron James). It's obviously its team's going at each other and your competing year after year after year, and you get to see up close and personal greatness, and I think he will say the same thing.”

James and Curry met four times in the NBA Finals, creating some of the most memorable moments in NBA Finals history.

Curry is unquestionably the best shooter of all time, and James is considered the best all-around basketball player ever. I think it's also safe to say they are the two best basketball players from Akron. Even if you like and respect each other, having those types of reputations, and playing against each other in the NBA Finals was sure to create figurative fireworks for fans and media to salivate over.

“There's obviously a lot of pettiness and competitiveness, trash-talking and all that type of stuff that went on during those runs, but thats the fun of it all,” Stephen Curry continued. “Like you said, the respect level is always there, and the appreciation of competition at that level. Obviously, the goal now is to get back there.”

The Warriors looking to add another win to their record as they travel to Houston to play the Rockets.