Warriors news: Stephen Curry, Steve Kerr can't make sense of Sports Illustrated cover
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Warriors news: Stephen Curry, Steve Kerr can’t make sense of Sports Illustrated cover

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In the midst of a lasting debate of the preview of a Sports Illustrated cover from Tuesday morning, Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry and head coach Steve Kerr were dismayed at the portrayal of the issue without its most important voice.

The cover showed Curry locking arms with LeBron James and Roger Goodell on the forefront, surrounded by others who have stood up to those who oppose kneeling during the anthem, including President Donald Trump. The cover also missed former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who was the one athlete that started this discussion, dating back to last season when he chose to kneel during the anthem of a preseason game.

“I saw me and LeBron and Roger Goodell — and me and Roger Goodell? That just makes zero sense at all,” Curry told Tim Kawakami of The Athletic, shaking his head. “He had the most on-the-fence kind of comment.”

“Then I was looking for Kap. That was my first instinct. Because he was the seed that planted all of this in a good way for us. So for him not to be on there was wild.”

Curry reminded the media that it isn’t about the act of kneeling, but what it represents and tries to call attention to, a point even the president has completely ignored to address.

“It’s about the message it’s not about the act,” Curry said. “For the life of me if that doesn’t just get across to everybody… it’s not about disrespecting the flag or the anthem; we can hopefully move in the right direction.”

Kerr took it one step further, noting the ugly truths about why Kaepernick was omitted from the cover.

“Why do you think? I think it’s pretty obvious, actually,” Kerr said. “A lot of people probably wouldn’t buy the magazine if Kap was on it… I just don’t understand how you can omit the guy who basically began this movement.”

“Maybe Trump should be on there, too. Maybe the other half wouldn’t buy the magazine that had Trump on the cover, I don’t know. But I hope that’s not the case.”

“Journalism shouldn’t be about money. But silly me, everything’s about money.”