Warriors news: Stephen Curry's controversial admission on 'pineapple on pizza' debate
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Stephen Curry’s controversial admission on ‘pineapple on pizza’ debate

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According to Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry, pineapple does NOT belong anywhere near a slice of pizza—and his feelings are unabashed and unashamed.

During an Instagram Live Q&A on Wednesday, Ayesha Curry she posed a simple—but revealing—culinary question to her followers: “Serious conversation starter: does pineapple go on pizza?” Ayesha asked.

Immediately, an emphatic and voice-cracking “Hell no!” could be heard, courtesy of Steph from off-screen in another room. Clearly, the two-time MVP is no fan of Hawaiian-style pies.

For what it’s with, Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James recently joined the debate as well, saying he’s not opposed to pineapple on pizza.

Ayesha hosts the cooking show, “Ayesha’s Home Kitchen” on the Food Network, and she often cooks live on her Instagram stories. She’s also a cookbook author and collaborated on a restaurant chain with chef Michael Mina— International Smoke, which has locations in San Francisco, Del Mar, and Las Vegas.

It’s been an active week for the Currys on social media. On Tuesday, Steph posted a heartfelt happy birthday message to the the mother of his children. “I love you, thankful for you, proud of you, and will always be grateful that we are in this thing together,” the sharpshooter captioned.

Earlier this week, the Currys also announced that, through their Eat.Learn.Play Foundation, will ensure that the more than 18,000 children no longer going to schools in Oakland still receive their two or more meals daily.

You can check out Ayesha and her hubby whip up pretzels and cocktails with Ellen, who also send birthday wishes to Ayesha on Twitter.

As for basketball, Stephen Curry made his return from a four month, 58-game absence for the Warriors due to a broken wrist. The coronavirus outbreak limited his return to only one game.

As a born and bred New Yorker, I’m personally going to have to side with Steph on this one. Get that tropical fruit off my cheese. It’s unclear where Ayesha stands on the polarizing pineapple-on-pizza matter.