Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry might have something to do with Drake's second ACL injury last month. Or at least that's what fans are speculating.

The injury of the Grammy award-winning rapper circulated around NBA circles considering he's good friends with many of the players. The real reason behind his setback remains uncertain, but others believe that it happened during his most recent pick-up game against Curry.

Drake, an avid hooper himself, reportedly busted his ACL while trying to stay in front of the two-time NBA MVP in a casual 5-on-5 game in Toronto.

Curry, who will play his 12th season with the Warriors, was pretty amused when the subject once again came up, but he did offer a cryptic response about the juicy rumor (via Caroline Droke of UPROXX).

“Maybe it might show up in the new album coming out. We'll see if he drops a lyric or a line or something on what actually happened.”

The 34-year-old Drake does have a forthcoming sixth studio album entitled “Certified Lover Boy” set for public release next month. The Canadian artist does have a penchant for sharing details about his personal life through his lyrics, so maybe he will confirm the Curry conspiracy in one of his verses.

If Curry is indeed the culprit behind the injury, Drake shouldn't feel too bad about it considering even the greatest defenders in the NBA have a hard time containing the three-time champion because of his tremendous handles and cat-like quickness.

Drake, meanwhile, has often been chastised on social media for supposedly being a “bandwagon fan” despite being the Toronto Raptors' global ambassador. He does have some bragging rights over Curry after the Raptors edged the Warriors in the 2019 Finals.

But if the rumors are true, looks like Stephen Curry got even.