Following the 2007 first-round exit of a highly regarded Dallas Mavericks side at the hands of the eighth-seeded Golden State Warriors, Mavs big man Dirk Nowitzki left quite an impression in Oracle Arena. The 14-time All-Star literally left a hole in the visiting team's locker room, as he punched the wall in frustration after losing the series in a disappointing Game 6 blowout defeat.

Former Dubs star Stephen Jackson shared how he came across the legendary hole in the wall, and admitted that he only found out about the incident a couple of days later:

“I was too busy celebrating (in the moment),” Jackson said, via Anthony Slater of The Athletic. “But that’s frustration. It’s frustration. We shut the big fella down. Dirk’s a legend. How many people scored over 30,000 points? Dirk’s a legend. One of the greatest ever. So it’s good to see it every time we go back. I see they put up a shirt that he signed. It’s pretty cool.”

Back then, Jackson was doing his best J.R. Smith impersonation as he ensured that a proper celebration was had following his team's epic series victory.

Looking at his statement, though, it is clear that Jackson has a ton of respect for Dirk Nowitzki. He was a firsthand witness of Dirk's greatness during his heyday, which made their success against him even more impressive.

For his part, Jackson made absolutely sure that he would relish that moment to its very last drop.