Warriors news: Steve Kerr reveals approach on Kawhi Leonard situation for Spurs series
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Steve Kerr says he does not expect Kawhi Leonard to play in series

steve kerr

The Golden State Warriors are going to face the San Antonio Spurs in the first round of the 2018 NBA Playoffs. Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has apparently prepared a gameplan and his scouting report does not include Kawhi Leonard.

Leonard only played nine games for the Spurs this season. He’s been out with a thigh injury. The situation attracted controversy after news circulated that the defensive stalwart still didn’t feel comfortable after being cleared by the Spurs medical staff to play. Some reports stated that there was tension between Leonard and the Spurs. Some even assumed that he will soon part ways with the team.

Perhaps it’s due to these pieces of information that Kerr has decided not to include Leonard in the scouting report. Apart from which, his son Nick Kerr — who’s working for the Spurs — may have given him a tip or two regarding Kawhi’s status.

Jokes aside, the former Coach of the Year has already commented in the past about this rather awkward dynamic having his son work for an opposing team. He said that Gregg Popovich thinks that his son is a spy: Per Warriors on NBCS, Kerr said:

“I just like seeing Pop. We’re good friends. Always fun to see him before the game and chat a little bit. He calls my son a spy. He said my son could be working for (Russian President Vladimir) Putin, so you know, it’s that kind of conversation when we get together.”

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