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Warriors coach Steve Kerr gets brutally honest on massive pressure during Kevin Durant-Stephen Curry era

Warriors, Steve Kerr, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors just proved that they are still the best team in the NBA. This is exactly why it’s hard to imagine how dominant the Dubs would be if Kevin Durant was still on the team.

On a recent appearance on the Point Forward podcast with Andre Iguodala and Evan Turner, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr spoke out on what the atmosphere was like during the Steph-KD era in Oakland. The four-time NBA champion coach admitted that the expectations were extremely high:

“When we had KD, it would have been a disaster if we didn’t win,” Kerr said (h/t Michael Macacero of sportskeeda).

Coach Kerr is one of the most successful coaches in the history of the sport and he has a ton of championship experience under his belt — both as a player and as a coach. However, even he had to admit that there was some massive pressure on the Warriors to win when Durant was still on the team.

True enough, the Dubs won two titles with KD on board. Their recent title run makes it two championships without Durant. If there’s anything Curry and co. proved this past season is that they can definitely win without KD.