The Golden State Warriors were hit with a major bombshell when it was revealed that Draymond Green would be sanctioned for an altercation with Jordan Poole. The long-time veteran forward allegedly struck Poole during practice. The news made the headlines immediately, as fans speculated about what could've sparked the incident.

Now, TMZ Sports has released footage from the alleged practice scuffle between Draymond Green and Jordan Poole. (via TMZ)

Many Warriors fans (and even non-Warriors fans) were shocked when it was leaked that Draymond Green would be punished by the team after striking Jordan Poole. Green had always been known for his short temper, but this was one of the few times he lashed out against a teammate. Immediately, fans were curious about how and why this happened.

There were many rumors about what could've happened that sparked this incident. A report by Chris Haynes said that Poole had been acting different prior to the scuffle, a report that many Warriors players and staff refuted. In fact, some of their statements seemed to hint at Green being in the wrong.

Unfortunately, the video has no audio, so we couldn't tell what was being said. It's clear from the video, though, that both Poole and Green seemed to be having a war of words. We'll see how the Warriors react to this footage being leaked.