Warriors rookies share their thoughts about being undefeated in the playoffs
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Warriors rookies share their thoughts about being undefeated in the playoffs

Patrick McCaw, Damian Jones

After 12 playoff games so far, the Golden State Warriors have remained unbeaten and are looking geared to win their second title in three years. For their two rookies, it’s something they’re experiencing for the first time, and without experiencing any defeat in the postseason yet, they know the expectations on the team are starting to go higher.

However, instead of feeling the pressure, Patrick McCaw and Damian Jones are both just enjoying the situation and trying to learn as much as they can from it. The two were recently interviewed by Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated, where they shared their thoughts about the Dubs’ incredible run in this year’s playoffs.

“It’s my first time, and you always see the Finals on TV,” Jones told The Undefeated. “Actually, living it is awesome. We’re 12-0 right now. It’s crazy. This hasn’t happened. We’re going through history right now. It’s pretty fun.

“We talked about [it recently] being [McCaw’s] first year and my first. It’s high expectations around here, and we’re just going with it. It’s cool.”

“We haven’t lost in the playoffs, so we might have the best winning percentage ever as rookies,” McCaw told The Undefeated with a laugh. “We’ve been like, ‘We’ve got to keep this going, man, through the whole Finals. Go undefeated.’ We always laugh and talk about that.”

McCaw and Jones may not be seeing a lot of playing time in their team’s run to the Finals, but they are always ready to contribute and give their best. Their experience this year also will be beneficial for their future as they already know what it takes to contend for a title. Despite their short tenure in the NBA so far, they are already showing a lot of maturity beyond their years and not being overwhelmed with what the Warriors are currently going through.