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RUMORS: How LeBron James heavily figures in Warriors’ offseason plans

LeBron James, Lakers, Warriors, Stephen Curry

After a strong haul in the recently concluded NBA Draft, the Golden State Warriors have now shifted their focus on the feeding frenzy that is the NBA offseason.

It’s clear that the Warriors are targeting more help for Stephen Curry, who almost singlehandedly lifted the team into postseason contention last season. His MVP-type efforts, however, fell short as they missed the NBA Playoffs for the second straight year.

But while many high-profile names are being linked to the Warriors these days, acquiring them is an entirely different question, especially now that LeBron James has successfully recruited Russell Westbrook to join the Los Angeles Lakers. According to Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report, Westbrook going to Hollywood has drastically changed everything for the Warriors’ offseason plans.

With Westbrook now headed to Los Angeles, multiple league personnel contacted by B/R expect there to be significant interest from several veterans, including DeMar DeRozan, Rudy Gay, and Carmelo Anthony, to forgo higher salary opportunities elsewhere and join the Lakers in pursuit of a championship.

While everything might be mere conjecture at this point, the Warriors missing out on other veterans is highly plausible. Westbrook teaming up with LeBron and Davis easily makes the Lakers a top contender, and other players seeking their first title might join the bandwagon. There’s also the fact that LBJ has already called up DeRozan and is BFFs with Anthony.

Curry will finally have his running mate Klay Thompson alongside him again next season. But that might not be enough to contend in the Western Conference. The Warriors, however, are rumored to bring back Andre Iguodala, so that might be a good start.