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LaMarcus Aldridge and a pick for Golden State’s No.2?

LaMarcus Aldridge, Warriors

The Golden State Warriors will be trying from now until draft night to unload their No.2 pick in the 2020 NBA Draft. Per ESPN’s Zach Lowe, the Warriors would be interested in dealing for San Antonio Spurs forward LaMarcus Aldridge in exchange for their No.2 pick.

“Someone within the league today texted me, ‘Hey, there’s a little buzz about No.2 to San Antonio for Lamarcus Aldridge and No. 11,’ ” stated Lowe on “The Lowe Post” on Thursday. “And obviously there’d have to be salary going out [for the Warriors]. And my response was, ‘That’s crazy. The Warriors should not do that. You don’t trade the No.2 pick for LaMarcus Aldridge.’ “

The Warriors are desperate to fill in some large gaps in their roster ahead of the 2020-21 season set to start on Dec. 22. Even so, orchestrating a move for Aldridge for the No.2 pick doesn’t quite equate in value, even more so given that the Warriors would have to send out some additional players to match Aldridge’s salary. The 35-year old is set to make $24 million next season, which would see the Warriors ship off a few pieces in order to obtain the forward.

Even so, Aldridge hasn’t exactly performed at an All-Star level in recent years. A former No.2 pick himself, he’s coming off a 2019-20 season in which he averaged 18.9 points along with 7.4 rebounds. While his numbers are actually exceptional for his age, it wouldn’t transition to much success on a Warriors squad composed of a run-and-gun style of play. Aldridge’s “back to the basket” style of play has become less favorable in recent years, making him not as attractive for teams to pursue.