Warriors video: Lip reading suggests Kevin Durant's telling words
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Video: Lip reading suggests Warriors star Kevin Durant’s telling words after Draymond Green exchange

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Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors may have revealed his decision with regards to his upcoming free agency, as suggested by a lip reading.

According to a Redditor who goes by the username swollencornholio, Durant may have said:

“This is why I’m out, God damn.”

The clip above shows Kevin Durant walking onto the floor after an altercation with Draymond Green. According to reports, Green brought up Durant’s impending free agency during their heated exchange on the bench.

Though the Warriors have denied such reports, if the lip reading turns out to be accurate, it could spell a whole lot of problems for the team moving forward.

The Warriors are still a stacked team even without Kevin Durant. But in their back-to-back championship run, Durant has been the x-factor in late-game situations for the team.

Green, meanwhile, is known for being the vocal and emotional leader of the team. However, it could be at a fault at times as evidenced by his recent altercation with Durant, as well as previous instances where Green got slapped with technical fouls and suspensions.

Time will only tell how the incident will affect the Warriors moving forward. Is it time to bid goodbye to Kevin Durant or will the Warriors’ team spirit prevail?