Warriors video: Quinn Cook surprises mom with new car
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Warriors’ Quinn Cook surprises mom with new car

Golden State Warriors guard Quinn Cook has come a long way in his brief three-year NBA career.

From going undrafted out of Duke and toiling in the minors for a year to getting waived by the New Orleans Pelicans after two 10-day contracts, Cook didn’t exactly get off to a running start.

But Cook never threw in the towel and persevered, and all his G League work is now being rewarded. He is now an NBA champion after helping his team sweep the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2017-18 Finals.

Now that he is an established NBA player with a guaranteed contract next season, Cook has turned his attention to giving back to the woman that raised him.

During his basketball camp in Washington D.C., Cook rolled up in a brand new Range Rover, adorned with a pink bow. He hopped out to greet his mother in front of his campers and gave her a big hug while presenting the car to her.

Cook’s mom was shocked by her son’s appearance and brought to tears by the generous gift. It’s a heartwarming sight to see a son appreciate all that his mother did for him and reward her for raising him right.

Seeing athletes give back to the world when they make some money in the league is always nice. Whether it be family or the public, these millionaires are doing their part to spread the wealth around and make sure that everyone can benefit from their accomplishments.