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Warriors video: Stephen Curry loses golf bet to Dell Curry, jumps into Lake Tahoe


The father and son tandem of Dell Curry and Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry were part of this year’s American Century Celebrity Golf Tournament that started last Tuesday. The interesting part, however, was Dell betting Steph that he wouldn’t trail by more than 20 points when the tournament ends.

It’s a little unusual considering that bets are made as a way to put over your innate ability and not highlight or celebrate one’s mediocrity, but nonetheless, Curry Sr. finished with 32 points behind Steph who had 50 points (tied for 11th overall with two others) – thus confirming that he is just slightly bad at golf.

The consequence for the loser? A plunge at Lake Tahoe in what could only be described as taking Steph’s shared moniker “Splash Brother” literally.

The bet appears to be an offshoot of a similar pact they made last year with his father the one doing the jumping. The details about the bet are not clear but if the Warriors guard’s 68 points (earning him a fourth-place finish) compared to Dell’s 48 points is any indication, it probably started as a regular who-finishes-the-most type of dare.

Now that the retired Charlotte Hornets guard has come to terms with his golfing ability, the 2018 challenge appears to be a promise that he won’t be as bad as last year – and he delivered.

The Curry’s are both avid golfers which is no surprise why they are both regular fixtures on the annual celebrity golf tournament that has been around since the early 90s as a way to support several charitable causes.