Manchester United icon Wayne Rooney finds himself at the center of speculation again, this time not for his prowess on the football field but for a potential foray into the boxing world. Following his recent departure from Birmingham City and amid rumors linking him to a boxing debut with social media scrappers Misfits, Rooney's future takes an unexpected turn.

Despite his legendary status in football, Rooney's recent dismissal from Birmingham has left him contemplating alternative career paths. The possibility of a boxing venture has tantalized fans and pundits alike, especially after Rooney's previous playful tussle with friend Phil Bardsley ended with him receiving a knockout blow.

During a recent appearance on The Overlap podcast, Rooney couldn't help but smile when questioned about his boxing aspirations by former teammates Gary Neville and Roy Keane. While acknowledging Misfits' interest, Rooney reiterated his commitment to returning to football management, dismissing any immediate plans for a switch to the ring.

Amidst the boxing buzz, reports suggest Rooney is eyeing a managerial role in Saudi Arabia, aiming to follow in the footsteps of fellow England star Steven Gerrard. With ambitions firmly rooted in football, Rooney's potential move to the Middle East signals a desire to reignite his managerial career after stints in MLS and the English lower divisions.

As speculation swirls around Rooney's future, one thing remains certain: whether on the pitch or in the ring, the footballing icon continues to capture headlines and intrigue audiences with his next career move.

Fans eagerly await Rooney's next step, whether back in the dugout or under the bright lights of the boxing ring. The allure of seeing one of football's greatest-ever talents transition into a new sporting arena has sparked imaginations and fueled discussions across the sporting world. Only time will tell where Rooney's path ultimately leads, but one thing is certain: his journey promises to be anything but ordinary.