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What if…? Lego Set might have revealed major Spider-Man spoilers

Marvel What if...? Spider-Man Disney+

PIt won’t be long now until Marvel’s What if…? Premiers on Disney+ and it appears that a certain Lego Set has unveiled some surprising info on everyone’s favorite web-slinger.

After the events of Loki, the sacred timeline is now compromised. Allowing Variants of our favorite Marvel heroes to finally appear before our very eyes. This is basically the premise of What if…? A collection of stories based around events that ponder the very same question. Questions like What if Peggy Carter took the Super Soldier Serum? Or what if there were Marvel Zombies?

Lego will be releasing Sets as well as Minifigures based on the Disney+ show and it gave away one surprising detail. Spider-Man’s character from the series has the title of “Zombie Hunter”.

When we first saw the full trailer for the show, we saw Spider-Man wearing Dr. Stranger’s Cape while fighting Scarlet Witch. Although it was a very short clip, it is now speculated that the Scarlet Witch might be one of the infected heroes that Zombie Hunter Spider-Man will be fighting.

This seems pretty exciting as in the original Marvel Zombies comic, Spider-Man was actually infected. It would be interesting to see how he’ll be the one to try and save his fellow heroes. If they can be saved at all.

Tom Holland hasn’t confirmed whether he’ll be voicing Spider-Man in the episode. Actors like Chris Hemsworth, Taika Waititi, and Tom Hiddleston will also be voicing their respective characters. However, Robert Downey Jr. won’t be voicing Iron Man.

Marvel’s What if..? is set to hit Disney+ on August 11.