Just a few seasons ago, the Chicago White Sox looked to be the next great, up-and-coming team in the league. They had what seemed like a cupboard of young, exciting talent just waiting to bust out. Even last year, after winning the AL Central, they looked primed to make another promising run in 2023, winning what was likely going to be an easy AL Central once again. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case early on as the White Sox are fourth in the division, just ahead of the Kansas City Royals. It's been quite the rollercoaster of a season in Chi-town.

The White Sox are by no means one of the worst in the league. They still show glimpses of the talent they have. Where they lack is the consistency showcasing that talent properly. This has bound to leave fans in southside Chicago beyond fed up at some of their most talented players. The same players that were supposed to eventually take them to the promised land a few seasons ago.

Here are two White Sox players that fans are already fed up with in 2023:

2. Lance Lynn

While it might seem premature to criticize Lance Lynn so early in the season, his performances have left fans are bit befuddled, questioning his reliability.

Earlier in May in a game against the Royals, Lynn struggled right from the start, allowing Kansas City to bat around in the first inning and forcing him to throw a whopping 37 pitches. Ultimately, he surrendered seven runs on nine hits and two walks over five innings. Such a lackluster performance, against one of the worst teams in the league, only added fuel to the fire of White Sox fans' frustrations.

One of the main concerns surrounding Lynn has been his inconsistency. While he has shown flashes of brilliance on occasion, he has also been plagued by poor outings. This type of inconsistency leaves Chicago fans — and even announcers — uncertain about what to expect every time Lynn takes the mound. White Sox fans want a pitcher they can rely on, not give them fits.

Another factor contributing to fans' frustration is Lynn's inability to make necessary adjustments during games. When he struggles, Lynn often appears visibly frustrated, venting his anger and disappointment into his glove. It's crucial for a pitcher of his experience to be able to adapt and find ways to minimize the damage. Instead, Lynn has allowed his emotions to get the better of him, allowing MLB hitters to take advantage of it, leading to further struggles on the mound.

It's understandable why White Sox fans are growing increasingly frustrated with Lynn's performances so early in the 2023 season. Although he has shown some promise in his last start, going six innings and only allowing one earned run, there's still a long season ahead where Lynn could rise of falter even further.

1. Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson was thought to be the next great player for the White Sox. Now, he may be one of the fans' least liked players on the team. As the 2023 season progresses, Anderson's performances at the plate have left the Chicago faithful frustrated and questioning his value to the team. While some of that is due to good reasoning's, White Sox fans are still growing increasingly fed up with Anderson.

Earlier in May, Anderson was in an offensive slump that was up there as his all-time worst of his career. When he returned from a left knee sprain on May 2, Anderson hit a meager .213/.263/.213. He acknowledged that his main issue was his plate discipline. Anderson has since seemed to return back to form, hitting .409/.435/.455. But can White Sox fans trust him?

Fans, whether justifiably so or not, have grown increasingly impatient with Anderson. They expected more from a player who had shown great potential in the past. Anderson's inability to improve his plate mechanics early on hindered the White Sox, contributing to their disappointing record that has left them at the bottom of the AL Central. But what really has caused a disliking among White Sox fans for Anderson was what he was supposedly caught saying at first base in a game against the Houston Astros a few weeks back.

While at first base, Anderson was talking to his old teammate, José Abreu, where it looked like he said, “I hate this place.” Although Anderson later explained that it was a misunderstanding and related to frustration with pitch-clock violations, some couldn't help but interpret it as a sign of discontent with the team or organization. This incident has led to speculation about Anderson's commitment to the White Sox and whether a change of scenery might benefit both parties.

Given the White Sox's disappointing record and the potential for trades to rebuild the team, Anderson's name has emerged as a possible candidate. While he is signed to a reasonable contract through 2024, his inconsistencies raise doubts about his future with the White Sox.