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Melvin Gordon, Chargers


Why the Chargers should still be looking to re-sign Melvin Gordon

The Los Angeles Chargers are trying to piece together a team that can contend after falling short this season. They may need a new quarterback in order to do that, but they’ll definitely need the services of one Melvin Gordon in order to succeed.

The running back’s contract is running out this coming season. While the team wants to keep him in the team, they may have other pressing priorities that would be more important than giving Gordon the contract he deserves.

With the way things are looking, it may be impossible for the Chargers to keep their outstanding running back. However, the team will be making a huge mistake if they let Gordon walk and help another team complete a deep run in the playoffs. It should be an important priority for the Chargers to get their star running back tied down to the team for a long time.

The biggest reason why they should work on keeping him in the team is his incredible production. He’s been one of the more consistent playmakers in the team, and his two Pro Bowl invites are evidence of his pedigree as a player. From 2016-2018, Gordon finished the season with more than 800 rushing yards and eight touchdowns.

It’s also somewhat understandable if the Chargers don’t elect to re-up his contract. One of the factors that may influence this decision is his injury history. He’s only played one good full season of football in his five years in the NFL. However, it’s also important to remember that he posted an incredible season: he finished the year with 1105 rushing yards, eight rushing touchdowns, 476 receiving yards, and four receiving touchdowns.

Another thing that could affect his prospects of returning is his horrible 2019 campaign. Gordon finished with a whimper, stats-wise. While he still ended the year with eight rushing touchdowns, his total yards (612) and yards per game (51.0) took a hit. His receiving numbers–296 yards and one touchdown–also saw a decrease. These can be blamed on the terrible offense the Chargers had this year, though.

While it’s true that Gordon isn’t looking like a quality running back, he still wants to play for the Chargers. It’s an important quality that the team must cherish because not a lot of people want to come to the less popular football team in the City of Angels.

“They drafted me and changed my life,” Gordon said of the Chargers, via Sports Illustrated. “They took a bet on me. Took a chance on me when 31 other teams could have and passed me up. They’re like your first love so to speak. I want to be here, man.”

The ball is in the court of the Chargers front office. Fans will be hoping that Gordon remains a Charger, but nothing’s certain until training camp begins.