After weeks of anticipation, WWE delivered fans a regular night of champions at the fortunately named Night of Champions, with four titles on the line and bragging rights galore up for grabs.

Fans found out who will hold the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship, if Mustafa Ali could prove he belongs in the ring with the best of the best, and whether or not Roman Reigns would become the first performer in WWE history to hold not one, not two, not even three, but four different championship titles at the same time, with six different belts to carry down to the ring.

So, with the show officially in the rearview mirror, here are three major takeaways from the event that could have a jaw-dropping impact on the WWE Universe moving forward.

3. Zoey Stark is getting a legit push after Night of Champions

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When Zoey Stark was drafted onto RAW, fans wondered what the future held for the former NXT standout.

Clearly working as a heel dedicated to “ending the era of heroes” on RAW, Stark picked up quick wins versus Nikki Cross and Candice LeRae but didn't really have much of a storyline from which to build upon.

But now, with Night of Champions in the rearview, Stark suddenly finds herself the Enemy #1B of none other than Becky Lynch, with the 29-year-old workhorse effectively filling the role of in-ring stand-in for Trish Stratus, who has wrestled just one singles match since 2019. Stark will all but certainly be featured on television with “The Man” early and often on weekly television, fighting in the backstage area, working matches, and maybe even cutting promos that showcase the full frame of Stark's talents and abilities.

How does this end? Most likely with a tag team match between Stark and Stratus versus Lynch and Lita, who hasn't been seen on RAW or SmackDown since she was attacked backstage by a mystery performer – who ended up being Stratus – at SummerSlam. If that's the case, Stark may just find herself a legit WWE Superstar by the end of the summer, which is exactly what Paul “Triple H” Levesque, Shawn Michaels, and company want to see from NXT call-ups.

2. WWE gave Bianca Belair cover to do something else

When Asuka sprayed chili pepper mist into her hand and then used it to debilitate Bianca Belair mid-KOD, it provided the cover WWE needed – or at least thought they needed – to make a change and switch out the RAW Women's Championship after over a year on “The EST's” shoulder.

Suddenly, Belair didn't lose because she wasn't as good as Asuka, or because she had a bad showing for one reason or another; no, WWE's top female babyface lost because her title was stolen from her, giving her cover to come back for the belt at SummerSlam or to try something different, maybe vying for the WWE Women's Tag Team Titles or for Rhea Ripley's SmackDown Women's Championship, which should probably beheld by a performer who was drafted onto SmackDown.

After spending a year basically working the same gimmick and winning matches that were booked in very similar ways, there were some fans who were getting tired of the same old same old from Belair, who is one of the more defined characters in WWE right now. Now that the RAW Women's Championship era of Belair's career has come to a close, she can take a few weeks off, re-tool, and come back with a slightly different edge, even if she doesn't chop off her ponytail like Bayley to become a full-fledged heel.

1. Jimmy Uso might be the Tribal Chief after all

When Jimmy Uso boldly declared that he was The Tribal Chief on RAW, it effectively hinted at the current chapter of The Bloodline coming to a close, with The Usos finally taking Sami Zayn's words to heart and turning on their uncle after years of verbal and occasional physical abuse.

Emerging from the back at Night of Champions despite Paul Heyman asking the duo to stay home, Jimmy and Jey accidentally took out their younger brother, Solo Sikoa, with a Superkick Party before the former very deliberately took off “The Tribal Chief's” head not once but twice with two verses of Sweet Chin Music as his twin watched on in horror. Suddenly The Bloodline broke in a very deliberate way, Zayn and KO kept their straps in Saudi Arabia, and the duo of Sikoa and Reigns lost out on their shot at the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships, which they really wanted to keep in the family. Needless to say, Reigns' 1,000 days as Universal Champion celebration is going to be awkward if The Usos roll up.