Bianca Belair is a lot of things to the WWE Universe's women's division. She's the prettiest, the baddest, the strongest; basically, if you can put an EST at the end of it, it pretty much applies to the performer who almost debuted as Binky Blair but thankfully had her name tweaked to her current moniker. Belair is the RAW Women's Championship, is a WarGames winner, and is arguably the most popular babyface performer in the entire company, maybe in professional wrestling, period.

But did you know that during her time off, when Belair has some time off, that is, she's actually training to become the EST of bodybuilding too? Well, guess what? After 10 weeks of hard work, Belair can add professional bodybuilder to her resume, too, as the collegiate All-American hurdler competed in her first Pro Am and officially secured her pro card after finishing first in first place in Wellness and second place in Fitness.

Will Belair start making more appearances on the bodybuilding stage in addition to her responsibilities in WWE, or was this simply a high-level pro athlete transitioning from one sport to an adjacent one to prove she can do it? Either way, Belair took to Instagram to share her experience with her adoring fans and provide some insight into how she overcame her demons to become such a role model.

 Belair explains how she trained for bodybuilding while being a WWE Superstar.

Not eight days removed from wrestling in a brutal, hard-hitting WarGames match at Survivor Series, Belair was on a different stage, one with far fewer suplexes but just as many shredded athletes. But how did she get there? Fortunately, Belair explained it all.

For the past 10 weeks I have been training for the @wbffentertainment Pro Atlantic City Pro Am, & this weekend all of that hardwork got to play out on stage!
I’ll be posting more photos throughout the day with results!
-Bikini- Made by ME

This journey has taught me so much about myself & how much I have grown and evolved from that little girl in High School and College who was obsessed with being the best but took it too far and over trained constantly. The little girl who had such an unhealthy relationship with food and struggled with eating disorders that even years later as an adult I couldn’t even hear the word “diet” without being triggered.
I wanted to push myself, test myself… see if I could commit without taking it too far, see if I had learned to listen to my body, see if I could diet again and have self control without going off on the deep end. I truly faced my fears with this one. I invested these 10 weeks to relearn myself and it took me on a self discovery journey of self love, commitment, and dedication to myself. It was physically challenging with finding time to train consistently between my WWE schedule of being on the road for live events, TV’s, traveling internationally to Mexico & Saudi Arabia, having historical matches like the Ladder Match, Last Woman Standing Match, & 45 minutes in a War Games match the WEEK BEFORE the competition! It was so hard but I gave it my all… sometimes after my matches and shows I was right there in the gym late at night getting my workouts in and constant travel with meal prep food to stick to my diet… but just as much as it was physically challenging it was more so mental!
I have evolved. I have matured. I do have self control. I have learned the importance of balance and I do listen to my body now! I have completely fallen in love with who I have become and I will be forever grateful for this journey. Thank you @wbffentertainment for welcoming me with open arms into your world and providing a space where I could also show up unapologetically me and a space I could use to navigate this personal journey! I felt right at home! Fitness + FASHION!!!! I’m in 😍!

And thank you to my amazing coach @n8fitness!!!


Objectively speaking, it's hard enough to become a professional athlete in one sport, let alone two, but Belair was dominating the track and field, um, track and field well become she was in the same WWE recruitment class as the women who would go on to be named Nikki Cross and Lacey Evans. If she puts her mind to it, who knows what could come next for Belair, she very well could mosey on over to SmackDown and become the Undisputed WWE RAW/SmackDown Women's Champion in a way that even Roman Reigns would be jealous of. A double-pro for a double-champ, if you will.