While CM Punk is one of the most popular wrestlers on the planet, his appeal is anything but universal, with large and sometimes very vocal corners of the fandom taking shots at the man self-mythologized as the “Best in the World.”

Fans of AEW, or at least of The Elite specifically? Yeah, they have a good reason not to like the “Second City Saint,” but one unlikely party who absolutely despises the RAW Superstar is Violent J, the leader of Juggalo founder Insane Clown Posse, as he has noted straight up on his social media account.

Discussing the unlikeliest feud of 2024 with Conrad Thompson, J revealed why he hates CM Punk with a burning passion, much of which revolves around his treatment of Colt Cabana and “Boom Boom's” mother.

“Colt Cabana is not an associate, he's a friend. I don't have very many people that I actually consider real friends, someone you basically talk to every day. Me and Colt are cool like that. What happened was, I was at the airport, I was flipping through Instagram, and I came across the footage from a couple of year ago when CM Punk was going off on Colt Cabana about sharing a bank account with his mom. I don't like CM Punk. He's always been a d*ck to us. I just unloaded. I've been meaning to say this,” Violent J told Conrad Thompson via Fightful.

“When I saw the post come up, I was like, ‘Let me school this motherf**ker.' I had been meaning to say it. Here's where it comes from. Back in Ian Rotten's IWA, we were doing something there back in the day. Apparently, we didn't shake everyone's hand in the dressing room like was required for that time. You come in and shake everyone's hand. We didn't know this. We just didn't know at the time that was a customary thing for respect. We just didn't know. Apparently, according to Colt, CM Punk didn't like us after that. When we got to TNA, we went to shake his hand, and he wouldn't shake our hand. I was like, ‘That's the first time that someone refused to shake our hand in wrestling over something like that.' When Colt fell out with him, I caught that statement about ‘Who would share a bank account with their mom?' Not everyone's mom is like CM Punk's mom where that would be a problem. I shared a bank account with my mom before she passed. I don't understand him. I don't understand his anger, his bitterness, and I don't understand his attacks on Colt, and his blatant disregard for us. F**k him. F**k this dude.”

Whoa, shocking stuff, right? Well wait, it gets even better, as J still had plenty to say about a performer he feels is simply too into his own stuff to be good to others.

Violent J believes CM Punk has lost touch with reality.

Continuing his conversation with Conrad Thompson, Violent J revealed why he decided to make his issues public. After CM Punk has been so vocal in airing his own grievances, the ICP leader felt it appropriate to do the same.

“I unloaded because I have an outlet and something is on my mind, I unload. The funny this is, he doesn't live in my mind like that. It's not like a grudge where I'm after him. I just saw it and I was like ‘F**k this guy.' That's it. There is no anger to it. I don't like him,” Violent J explained. “I think he suffers inside. Just watching and observing as a fan, I think he has problems and there is a lot more going on in his head than I'll ever understand. I respect his wrestling and everything he's done and his ability. I'm a CM Punk fan for his work, but him as a man, it's hard to relate for me. When you diss a personal friend on top of blatant disrespect of me and Shaggy, I say f**k him. I wish I would bump into him. If you ask him what he thinks of ICP, he'd tell you the same thing about us. I just said it first. It's not a deep-seated hatred. I don't know you. You're dissing my boy, you dissed us, f**k you. That's all it amounts to.”

Violent J then went on to explain to why he dissed Punk to his son, noting that, when you're going to punch down, others need to stand up to call that out.

“Number one, I want people to know that I don't like him. Number two, I just lost my mind. The whole thing about dissing Colt for sharing a bank account seems so inhuman to me. How the f*k is that any of your business or concern? I get they owed money, but the fact that Colt Cabana shares a bank account with his mom had nothing to do with nothing. I stand by that. I stand by supporting your mom if you can. I want people to know I'm not cool with him dissing Colt for that reason. F**k that,” J declared. “I do the same thing. What's wrong with that? It kind of embarrassed myself a little bit in that it looks like I'm fuming about him, but if you follow my Instagram and see the stuff I post, that's pretty much what I do. If something is on my mind, I post and forget about it. It's not as big as it appears, my dislike for him, and I enjoy watching him wrestle… I think he has an issue with himself sometimes. He seems so unhappy and upset with everybody and everything. It's so hard to relate to him. The whole reason he got mad about the car glass. It's just so hard to relate to his arguments. I just went off on him. That's really it”

Does Violent J have a point? Yes, Punk is without a doubt one of the more open personalities in wrestling when it comes to airing out his grievances, and sometimes that comes back to bite him, as fans saw in his fight with Drew McIntyre on SmackDown. Even if he doesn't ultimately care what J has to say, in the end, that doesn't make his points regarding Punk losing touch any less correct or valid, even if everyone won't agree.