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WWE crowdsources Pretty Deadly’s next NXT Championship match

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Have you ever watched a WWE Championship match and thought to yourself, ‘I could book a better match than this?’ Ever witness a confusing stipulation or a bizarre disqualification and wish that someone, anyone, would book something better?

Well, wrestling fans, you are in luck, as in honor of the one-year anniversary of NXT 2.0, Paul “Triple H” Levesque, Shawn Michaels, and the rest of the WWE Creative Team have crafted a fun way to thank the fans for their continued support – they’re letting fans book Pretty Deadly’s forthcoming title defense of the NXT Woman’s Championship match.

Alright, technically, there are a few caveats to the announcement; first of all, NXT got to book who won the match, so a strong anti-Pretty Deadly vote wasn’t going to magically make the belts switch hands. Similarly, fans were allowed to pick their preference from a three pre-selected collection of options, either a Cage Match, a Tornado Tag, or a No Disqualification, so there couldn’t be a write-in campaign to get the match fans really want to see, a hair vs. hair match.

Still, the prospects of voting for the match still made for a cool twist to the typical formula and generated a good bit of buzz before the show.

The results?

That’s right, NXT is about to bring down the steel cage and let the Creed Brothers fight Pretty Deadly without a chance of any outside interference from any members of the Diamond Mine, which, considering how Clash at the Castle ended, might actually be more of a benefit for Julius and Brutus than for Elton Prince and Kit Wilson.