When Endeavor announced that they had acquired 51 percent of WWE and would effectively operate the company as a joint venture with UFC, it led many fans, some earnest, some in jest, to wonder if a crossover between the two brands could be in store moving forward.

Could, for example, Connor McGregor finally make his way over to WWE and either team up with or face off against Sheamus in the squared circle? And what about the other way around? Sure, Roman Reigns is tough, but is he tough enough to get in the octagon with Jon Jones and actually come out on top after a few well-placed Superman punches?

Needless to say, this speculation over WWE x UFC hypothetical fight was rapidly turning into a cottage industry of rampant speculation, which led Dana White to make an appearance on the Pat McAfee show in order to definitively answer the question fans wanted to know: will there be any WWE-UFC crossovers?

“Not really,” White said via Fightful. “It wouldn’t happen any more than it has, regardless of the relationship. When you have people who were interested in becoming professional wrestlers, it was something that I was never really against anyway. If that’s what they wanted to do, and they felt like their career was winding down and they were talented enough to do it, and the WWE was actually interested in them, I never had a problem with that. But when you talk about guys coming over here in the UFC, Brock Lesnar is definitely a one-of-one. He wrestled at a high-level collegiate, he’s a big dude, he’s agile for being as big as he is, and he came over here, and he won the title. There’s not gonna be any of that type of crossover.”

While on the subject of in-ring crossovers between the two brands, White decided to shut down another rumor that had been swelling up when WWE joined the Endeavor family, UFC would start to pre-plan their finishes just like WWE.

“Then you have all the dummies online, ‘Oh, now this is all gonna be fake, too.’ We’re sanctioned by the athletic commissions in every state, you morons,” White said. “The government oversees us. They got the judges, they got the referees, and you can gamble on this. Nothing is gonna change. It’s exactly the same. The parent company can deliver a lot of things to both businesses. If you’re a guy like Ari, and we’re going into re-negotiations with arenas, Ari has the UFC, the WWE, PBR, and lots of other things. Also, when you talk about re-negotiating television rights, this company is an absolute powerhouse now.”

Welp, there you go, folks; UFC isn’t turning into WWE, and Survivor Series isn’t going to feature Ronda Rousey fighting Amanda Nunez, this merger, as Endeavor noted when the deal was announced, is all about leveraging the two brands to get even bigger media rights contracts, and that doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon.

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Dana White believes Endeavor can take WWE to the next level.

Elsewhere in his interview with McAfee, Dana White commented on how Endeavor’s owner, Ari Emanuel, helped to turn UFC into a juggernaut. White believes WWE should benefit from this experience, and experience similar growth too.

“It’s one of the great things about Ari and why he’s such a great partner, and why he’s so good to work with,” White said. “He came in, and he bought the UFC, they asked me to stay, and Ari is one of those guys that, he lets you run your business. He lets you do what you do, and I actually met with the McMahons the last time I was in New York. They wanted to know what it was like to be in business with him and everything else. Obviously, I couldn’t say anything but incredibly positive things about him. Ari is one of those guys, you run your business, and if you need him, pick up the phone and call him, and he can make anything happen. How this is gonna affect our company? It won’t at all, we’re gonna keep doing what we do. How it affects WWE, I think that there’s a lot of value that Ari can add on the business side, whether it’s licensing, sponsorship, and the list goes on and on. He’ll help grow those different areas of their business, and they’re valued at $9 billion. Watch and see what they are in five years.”

Will WWE be able to triple its value like UFC did under Emanuel? Only time will tell, but after selling 51 percent of the business to Endeavor, it’s clear Vince McMahon believes that to be the case.