After taking a ridiculous loss at Clash at the Castle due to a brutal mix of outside interference, back luck, and the ill intentions of CM Punk, going so far as to put hands on the match's referee and announcer, Corey Graves, once the cameras stopped rolling in his college town of Glasgow, Scotland, Drew McIntyre was afforded a chance to address the WWE Universe for the first time since his local loss… or so fans thought.

That's right, after making his way down to the ring to chants of CM Punk, McIntyre picked up the mic to talk about his experience but that usual fire in his eyes just wasn't there, as he expressed in a shocking promo.

I can't do this anymore,” Drew McIntyre declared. “Screw this company. I quit.”

What? Drew McIntyre quit WWE a few weeks after he signed a massive new contract celebrated with a special sword awarded to him by The Rock? What the heck? Well, as Michael Cole explained, WWE actually kept the cameras rolling during the commercial break, and McIntyre explained his feelings to Adam Pearce and Paul “Triple H” Levesque on his way out of the door.

“I'm serious. He's got you fooled, too. I heard what you said at the press conference. And I've gotta get out,” McIntyre declared. “I'm done. I'm Done! He's got everybody fooled from the top to the bottom.”

Is this the last WWE fans will see of the “Scottish Warrior?” Honestly, that feels incredibly unlikely but hey, you never know, maybe he has some sort of a clause in his new contract that allows him to opt out if creative doesn't fall in line with his expectations. Option two, maybe WWE simply wants to send McIntyre over to the Impact Zone to become a TNA World Champion for the first time since 2017, bringing back a belt for he and Punk to feud over while gaining some very interesting Forbidden Door shenanigans to SummerSlam in Cleveland? Either way, it's safe to say WWE has something planned for this storyline, as if McIntyre was really threatening to quit over the finish of Clash, WWE would have just given him the strap when they had the chance, as he's simply too good, too popular, and too over to get to leave the WWE Universe at the height of his powers.


Drew McIntyre is right about Triple H's comments at Clash.

You know, Drew McIntyre really does have a point about Paul “Triple H” Levesque putting over CM Punk to a pretty incredible degree at the Clash at the Castle post-show, especially considering the “Best in the World” just threw on a referee's shirt, impacted the outcome of the match, and ruined what could have been the ultimate feel-good moment for the WWE Universe.

“There is a change, and there is a new era, a new atmosphere, all those things. Absolutely, in some ways, they are things he was asking for and started a long time ago. At a time that, maybe he and I, for a lot of reasons, just saw things differently from each other. We saw eye-to-eye, but it was angry eye-to-eye. It was opposition eye-to-eye. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have him back. I cannot tell you how exciting it is for me to see the Phil Brooks that I wanted to see then,” Triple H reporters at Clash at the Castle via Fightful.

“While maybe my efforts to get that were taken wrong, and it's what led to friction, I always knew the Phil Brooks that I see today was inside there. Just couldn't express it in the right way. As much as this has changed, he has changed. I have got to tell you, it's amazing. I am excited for the future, and I'm excited to not just work with him but to be around him. He's a pleasure to be around in the locker room, a pleasure to be around as a performer. He's a pleasure to be around, helping other guys to grow to change, to impart what he has learned, not only as a performer, but also as a person that was on the wrong side of things but maybe figured it out along the way. That is valuable information that he can share with another generation that is coming behind him. I'm thrilled and excited to have him here, and I'm thrilled and excited to not only work with him in a talent role but work with him to create the WWE that both he and I always wanted it to be.”

When Levesque made his comments after Clash at the Castle, it was genuinely shocking, as he completely ignored what happened on the show to instead celebrate one of his more controversial stars. But now? Now, it feels like part of a very interesting storyline that will certainly play out over the next few weeks and maybe even months. If that was the plan all along, then bravo.