Just when you thought that this week's edition of SmackDown couldn't be any more must-watch, as it presents the first chance for Vince McMahon to put himself on WWE television in a riotous attempt to counter-program against his most recent allegations of impropriety, the promotion – which is still having its on-screen/in-ring product booked by Mr. McMahon – has announced the decision to book a contenders match to decide on the next challenger for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship in a knockdown, drag-out brawl between long-time rivals Drew McIntyre and Sheamus.

Huh, isn't Brock Lesner the next challenger for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship? Why book a preliminary match to decide on a contender for a show that doesn't take place until September now, not even two weeks into July? The hot dogs are still warm, the American Flags are still out, and there are still fireworks being sold in parking lots the country over; why do this now?

To make matters all the more confusing, WWE has already tipped their hands pretty severely heading into the event, as Drew McIntyre is featured heavily on the early promotional material, with the former member of “3 Man Band” holding his sword in a ring opposite Roman Reigns in the ring, which, unless someone in the marketing department is really throwing fans for a loop, sort of gives away the results of both SummerSlam and this particular bout, which will presumably serve as the main event of SmackDown.

Huh, funny how neither Brock Lesner nor Sheamus are on that poster, even just on McIntyre's sword. I wonder why?