After securing a massive win over Lyra Valkyria at NXT Battleground for the then-vacant NXT Women's Championship, Tiffany Stratton was riding high, ready to bring “Tiffy Time” to the WWE Universe as she prepares for the final phase of her developmental run.

I mean, it makes sense, right? No one has her skill, her style, or her shine; why wouldn't she be the top WWE Superstar in waiting for the next round of call-ups, with a wealth of new match opportunities down the line once she runs through her current ones?

And the best part? Stratton expressed this and more on NXT‘s first show following NXT Battleground, as she cut a promo to prepare the WWE Universe – and the NXT women's locker room – for her championship reign.

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“Raise your hands if you’re not surprised that Tiffany Stratton is the new NXT Women’s Champion. I know I’m not,” Stratton said. “This past Sunday, the ‘Center of the Universe’ claimed her rightful spot at the tippy top of NXT. This title has been held by future Hall of Famers. Charlotte Flair, Asuka, Bayley, Rhea Ripley, the list goes on. And tonight, I’m gonna show everybody what is means to be a true champion. And honestly, when I think of what a champion is, it is me. Nobody in that locker room can do what I can do. And when I look in the mirror, I think to myself, ‘I am the epitome of what a true WWE Superstar is. So, to continue on my ‘Tiffibration,’ I would like to invite out the entire NXT Women’s locker room so they all can all recognize me as their champion. Ladies?… Okay, I guess nobody wants to know who my first opponent’s gonna be. Do you guys wanna know? Awww, you guys think that I care what you think. Oh come on out, ladies. Come on out.”

After pulling some proverbial teeth, the locker room cleared out, and Stratton looked around at the dozen or so female Superstars in training who could challenge for her title next.

“Awww… You guys look so cute, look at your cute little faces. Awww… I know you’re all starstruck, and I’m sure you all have the same question for me: What is next for Tiffany Stratton?” Stratton asked. “Who will I give my first title defense to? And, to be honest, as everyone is out here, I can’t think to myself, but I’m gonna be champion for a long, long time. I mean, I might as well just retire as champion. Nobody can sit with me. Not you, not you, and, I don’t even know why you’re out here (Thea Hail), and most certainly not you. Sorry, not sorry. This is so awkward. I mean, I invited you all out here. Just kidding. Luckily for you guys, on my way back home from Battleground, I had a Tiffany Epiphany. And don’t worry, it wasn’t fruit. I thought to myself, ‘why don’t I get them all an opportunity at my Tiffany Title?’ So next week, there will be a Number One Contender’s Battle Royal to determine who my first opponent’s gonna be. Good for you, ladies. ‘But Tiffany, are you s-‘ it doesn’t matter who’s gonna win, cuz I’m gonna beat all of you to it. I am gonna beat all of you to it, because for as far as I know and for as long as I want, it is Tiffy Time.”

Fans, be on note: Tiffany Stratton is the center of the WWE Universe, and we're all just living in it.

Tiffany Stratton credits this WWE Superstar for helping her develop.

Stopping by Not Sam Wrestling to discuss all things wrestling, Tiffany Stratton was asked by Sam Roberts if any members of the WWE Universe had helped her along the way in her professional career. Unsurprisingly, as she's become the go-to resource for young performers within the company, Stratton shouted out Natalya.

“Nattie Neidhart. She has come in a couple of times, and she has really helped me a lot,” Stratton said via Fightful. “She came in like eight months ago for a training session with some of the newer girls, and I learned so much within the hour, hour-and-a-half that she came in. It was very helpful. I love Nattie.”

Though it's unclear if Natalya has invited the new NXT champion to her Dungeon, which is one of the true honors a member of the Hart family can offer up, if Stratton's working on the in-ring efforts, the true winner would be the WWE Universe, as she's got the rest of this whole professional wrestling thing down pat.