After eight long years and a number of different roles within the WWE Universe, from working with Paul Heyman to hosting The Bump, Kayla Braxton is officially leaving the promotion at the end of the month.

Taking to social media to say her goodbyes and reminisce about her near-decade in the WWE, Braxton thanked fans for coming along on her journey and hopes that they will continue to do so heading into the future.

“After nearly 8 years holding the microphone on WWE television, I am setting it down to pursue my next chapter. Next week at the world's most famous arena, I will be officially signing off. During my years with WWE, I was able to master the art of the back-stage interview. I hope I was able to turn minutes into moments for you who watched week to week and maybe even ushered in a new fan base. My banter with Paul Heyman became the stuff of legend, and I am so thankful for all he has done to elevate my career. I gained a wealth of knowledge from the ‘Wise Man' and for that, I'll be eternally grateful,” Kayla Braxton wrote on social media.

“In 2016, the legendary Michael Cole brought me in to begin my WWE career as a ring announcer with NXT, but I quickly found myself touring the globe, hosting hall of fame ceremonies, kickoff shows and helping launch WWE's first weekly morning show, The Bump. I exited The Bump after more than 200 shows and a move to Los Angeles. Now, on the West Coast, I have been offered new opportunities that will further utilize the skills I gained working for the largest sports entertainment company in the world. I am extremely thankful to Triple H, Nick Khan, WWE, and all of its partners for allowing me to be a trusted voice on WWE television for all these years. Thank you to every single person who made me feel like this was my home and that I was a part of this family. Thank you for taking a chance on me and welcoming this outsider with open arms. I hope I made you proud and I'd love it if you'd stay with me for this next chapter. I'm excited to reveal to all of you what I have coming up next!!!!”

The longest-tenured member of the SmackDown reporting corps, Braxton leaves big shoes to fill as WWE continues to settle into the Triple H era and a broken place in her favorite co-worker's heart, Paul E. Dangerously.

Paul Heyman paid tribute to Kayla Braxton when she left The Bump.

Speaking of Paul Heyman's affinity for Kayla Braxton and their relationship within the WWE Universe, the “Wise Man” actually paid a pretty fitting tribute to his long-time pal when she left The Bump last year, noting that he is incredibly proud of her growth, even if he does believe she might have some unrequited feelings for him hidden deep down inside.

“Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, and yes, I serve as special counsel to your ‘Tribal Chief,' the Undisputed WWE Universal Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns, who will smash his cousin Jey Uso in defense of that championship and, as the ‘Tribal Chief,' this Saturday night at SummerSlam. But today, a little bit out of character, I was invited by the schmucks who produce The Bump to come on a roast Kayla Braxton because it's her final appearance as the host, co-host, whatever she does on The Bump,” Paul Heyman explained.

“Why would I do that? When the fact of the matter is while Kayla and I have our rapport on television, it is one of my greatest professional honors and personal honors to spend these last few years working with Kayla. I have admired this remarkable women's remarkable talents since she first showed up here in WWE, and The Bump will never be the same without Kayla. Me personally, I'm not even going to watch the show anymore; she's that good, she's that great. So I'm sorry, I'm not going to roast Kayla Braxton, I'm going to let her know how much I absolutely love working with her. And whatever she's going to do in WWE and elsewhere post-The Bump, I look forward to it more than I can ever convey in words, and I am in eager anticipation of the projects that we will all be blessed to see what is produced, written, directed, and staring Miss Kayla Braxton. Thank you for blessing The Bump with your extraordinary talents.”

Could Heyman end up giving Braxton another sendoff as she prepares for the next chapter of her professional career? Sure, but if he doesn't, this one certainly does the job and showcases the unique relationship the duo shared for much of her eight years in the promotion.