All WWE had to do to have a successful Clash at the Castle was execute one simple booking decision: Drew McIntyre wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

That's it; sure, the other matches on the card mattered too, and the decision to give the Unholy Union the tag team straps would have been debated about as much as the decision to keep Sami Zayn the RAW mid-card as the Intercontinental Champion, but if McIntyre had his hand raised in the center of the ring when it mattered most, fans would have pretty much forgiven any other error and questionable call if they got to see the hometown kid once affectionately called the “Chosen One” hold a world championship belt over his head as the audience serenaded him in victory.

What did WWE do instead? Well, they booked a referee bump that would have made Roman Reigns proud and then had “referee” CM Punk tap down a two-count but lift his arm up at three in order to screw his rival out of a career-defining victory.

Truly taken aback by what had transpired, McIntyre got in Punk's face and attempted to right things with his fists instead of his words, but alas, the Scottish hero was blindsided by a swift kick between the uprights that ultimately changed the tenor of the match and allowed Priest, who was effectively operating on one foot due to a brutally botched Tope attempt that might have broken his ankle in the process, to hit the South of Heaven for the 1-2-3 from a real referee.

Was this a bad booking decision? More likely than not yes, as the crowd in Glasgow was absolutely livid to see their local kid take a loss in what should have been his big moment, but even if WWE wanted to have Punk continue his feud with McIntyre, couldn't they have gotten more into that while he's the champion, instead of halting his push, especially if Priest ultimately has to relinquish his belt because of his botched bump? McIntyre already won the belt for a short title run before, why not have Punk continue to gun for him while he's holding the strap after having his big moment, instead of securing the title at some point down the line at a less special moment?

In the end, if SmackDown color commentator Wade Barrett is demanding for Punk to be fired for screwing McIntyre in the main event, well, that certainly doesn't look good on anyone involved.

Drew McIntyre thought CM Punk could interfere in his CatC match.

While few fans thought WWE would put an asterisk on Drew McIntyre's big moment at Clash at the Castle, Drew McIntyre actually predicted that something fishy could happen in his main event match against Damian Priest but hoped that the “Best in the World” was smart enough to avoid interfering in his match in Glasgow, Scotland, as it could have resulted in legitimate injury from the homer crowd.

“I think it would be a mistake for a number of reasons. After what happened last time at Clash, I really do not want something like that to happen to the UK. But, I’ll be ready either way because I know it’s possible,” Drew McIntyre told Cultaholic via Fightful.

“I know Judgment Day is possible, I gotta be ready for anything. This is different, this is Glasgow. I always say, oh if Drew doesn’t win, there will be a riot or whatever but this is Scotland, this is different. I would probably suggest not getting involved, don’t do nothing to rock the boat during this show because there’s a genuine chance you’ll get jumped, and I’m not joking. There’s a genuine chance that security guards won’t stop you because they’re Scottish as well. I’m trying to keep it [as truthful] as possible, I’m Drew McIntyre, I don’t care, I say what the hell I feel. I’m telling you, there’s a good chance you’ll get jumped, and security will help jump you if you get involved in my match.”

Unfortunately for McIntyre, both of his predictions didn't come true, as CM Punk did show up to interfere in his match, and he was somehow embraced by the crowd after pulling off the Glasgow Screwjob, a stark contrast to what the “Scottish Warrior” assumed would happen. While McIntyre is surely upset that he didn't win, the crowd showing a kind shoulder to the “Second City Saint” has to come in as a close second, as if your hometown crowd won't rough up a fake referee for costing you a championship, who will?