Though there are still a few weeks left before Becky Lynch's book, “Becky Lynch: The Man: Not Your Average Average Girl,” is officially released to the general wrestling-reading public, the excitement surrounding the secrets has already started to grow, with “The Man” cross-promoting her new effort alongside her very real desire to become the next Women's Elimination Chamber winner and as a result, the next challenger for either Rhea Ripley or Nia Jax at WrestleMania 40, depending on who leaves Perth with the belt.

Now granted, Lynch is far from the first WWE Superstar to write a book as an active in-ring competitor, as plenty have done so in the past, most notably Mick Foley, but hers is very interesting because it presents fans with an up close and personal look at this current of WWE Superstars from early NXT up through the early days of the Triple H creative era.

Could Lynch's manuscript become a massive hit, leading to more wrestlers looking to tell the story of their in-ring careers with the written word instead of using their fists? Potentially so, and fans may not even need to wait too long for the second shoe to drop, as Natalya, by her own admission on Busted Open Radio, has already been approached about writing something of her own.

“I've actually just been approached about writing a book. I was so impressed with the way Becky Lynch handled herself as far her book and how she talked about it and just talking to Becky backstage. She's really excited about her book and I think it's an honest look at her life, her career, her legacy. She still has so much more life left to live, obviously, but to write a book at a young age, we've done a lot of living,” Natalya shared on Busted Open Radio via Fightful.

“Becky and I met over 20 years ago in Vancouver for a show called SuperGirls. We kind of started our wrestling careers at the same time. When I look back at all the living we've done and the roads we've traveled, I think Becky's book is going to be incredible. Yes, I was approached to write a book. I'm exploring those options as far as doing it. I definitely will be writing a book. My greatest inspirations are the people I work with like Becky Lynch. I love Bret's [Bret Hart] book, I thought Bret's book was beautiful. He took ten years to write it. I said to Bret, ‘Your book is so special and so powerful,' because when Bret was traveling up and down WWE, he would talk into a tape recorder and he recorded everything in his career every night after his matches. I said to him, ‘To have the insight to do that to me is really cool.' I'm inspired to grow in 2024 and I'm really looking forward to doing that and surprising you guys with some really cool things.”

Though the demand for a Natalya book may not be as high as one for, say, Roman Reigns or Seth Rollins due to the heights of their popularity, it does have the potential to be very interesting indeed, as she certainly has plenty of interesting things to say about growing up in the Hart Foundation, her early runs in WWE, and how her career has evolved from being Diva to a Superstar to the leader of the Dungeon 2.0.

Natalya discusses her potential interest in joining WWE Creative.

Elsewhere in her conversations with Busted Open Radio, Natalya commented on whether or not she'd be interested in joining the WWE Creative team, helping to write the next act of WWE history instead of chronicling her own past. While Natalya isn't ready to close any doors just yet, she isn't ready to think about the next act of her career just yet.

“I will tell you, our writing team has an extremely challenging job. My husband TJ always says this, he always says, ‘Nobody understands how challenging it is to book the show.' TJ is a producer and works closely with the writers and behind the scenes. He always says, ‘You never know when someone is injured or gets COVID or somebody is working through a situation.' I think the writers have such a challenging job because there are so many people that you're trying to please,” Natalya told Busted Open via Fightful.

“I'll be honest, at times, there is a lot of massaging of egos because everybody wants to be the best. Everybody wants to win, protect their equity, be on top. Everybody wants to main event WrestleMania and be The One. Sometimes, you need a bride, and sometimes, you need a bridesmaid. The writers have an extremely challenging job. Never say never. For me, I have a lot of really fun things coming up that do involve writing, creating, and me celebrating my career and everything I've accomplished. Never say never as far as doing more in WWE, but I'm so excited about growing. 2024 is a year about growth.”

With 17 years of interrupted service as a member of the WWE Universe, Natalya will undoubtedly go down as one of the most important female WWE Superstars of all time. How she's able to use that to advance her career when she no longer wants to work in the WWE Universe, however, remains to be seen, as her resume truly is second to none.