Though Tiffany Stratton has only been the NXT Women's Champion for 58 days and counting, it feels like the pride of Prior Lake, Minnesota, has been on top of the division for much longer than her abbreviated resume would suggest.

Despite having only worked 51 matches as a member of the WWE Universe, 28 of which were televised, Stratton has developed the style, the skill, and a shine all her own that transcends the usual trappings of a young Superstar in training to become the sort of transcendent talent that jumps off the screen and into the hearts of wrestling fans around the world.

Discussing her place in the NXT women's division in an interview with Sports Guys Talking Wrestling, Stratton noted that, in her opinion, Shawn Michaels and company have handled booking women better than his counterpart on the main roster, and as a result, the future is looking incredibly bright for the women of WWE.

“I think we have a really good women’s division at NXT,” Tiffany Stratton said via Fightul. “I think it’s one of the better ones compared to RAW and SmackDown. At NXT I feel we have such a spotlight for the women. I definitely feel on RAW and SmackDown it’s not as much of the spotlight for the women. We have a lot of young talent. Thea Hail, for instance, is only 19 years old. Roxanne Perez, who is basically 21. Cora Jade, 22. I definitely think there is a lot of future within the NXT women’s division. I can definitely see a lot of the girls taking over within the next three or four years on RAW and SmackDown.”

So, with such a strong women's division down in developmental, does Stratton believe Paul “Triple H” Levesque needs to send female performers down to help bolster the division like “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio, Baron Corbin, and Drew Gulak on the men's side of the bracket?

“I definitely feel like it’s not needed,” Stratton replied. “I feel like NXT should just be for the girls in NXT and the NXT division. But it does help a lot to have someone like Rhea Ripley come down, Dana Brooke, Nattie Neidhart to help the NXT girls and guide them through things and help establish them better. I do think it’s a big help though.”

Does NXT really have all they need in developmental? Should Ripley stay nothing more than “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio's manager instead of an in-ring performer looking to help elevate the next generation of WWE stars? Maybe yes, maybe no, but considering how strong Stratton has been in her championship reign thus far, she doesn't necessarily need to get in the ring with performers like Brooke or Neidhart to prove she belongs, as she's more or less proven that in spades.

Tiffany Stratton credits Greg Gagne for helping her land a spot in WWE.

Elsewhere in her conversation with Sports Guys Talking Wrestling, Tiffany Stratton was asked about her relationship with Greg Gagne, the former AWA Champion and son of the legendary Verne Gagne, who helped her out early on in her professional wrestling career alongside Mr. Perfect.

“He was actually kind of the reason why I even got to try out with WWE,” Stratton said via Fightful. “My mom reached out to him. Somehow she knew someone who knew someone who knew him. He wouldn't agree to train me at first. We persuaded him and stuff like that and kind of told him about my background. He was like, ‘Okay, so this girl is kind of legit.' Then, he saw me take one bump, and he was like, ‘Okay, I think we have something here.' So he trains me. He called whoever he needed to call at WWE to try and get me a tryout because I submitted my application so many times, and they would not look at me. So he kind of helped me with just getting a tryout with WWE. So he's helped me a lot.”

Asked if there were any lessons she specifically took away from Gagne, Stratton noted one in particular that stuck out in her mind.

“He always told me, ‘Do what you're told and don't have an attitude,'” Stratton added. “I would say we have butted heads a little bit. There have been times when we'd get into arguments, and I've learned my lesson, learned that I needed to keep my mouth shut most of the time but speak up when you feel you need to as well. So I would say that's the biggest lesson that he's taught me.”

Would Stratton have eventually landed in WWE without Gagne? Maybe yes, maybe no, but after dozens of failed applications to join the performance center, Verne's son got her foot in the door without so much as having to wrestle a single indie match, and she's now arguably one of the top female prospects in the entire WWE system. Funny how that works out.