After securing a massive win over Wes Lee with the North American Championship on the line in the main event of the July 28th edition of NXT – but not without a little help from The Judgment Day – Dominik Mysterio can finally call himself a singles champion for the first time in his WWE career, joining his “Mami” Rhea Ripley in the championship circle alongside legends like Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins.

Stopping by the NXT backstage area like it was a Nascar winner's circle, Ripley told McKenzie Mitchell that she wasn't surprised to see Mysterio secure the win, as he's a member of the most dominant faction in all of WWE, and he's already surpassed his father's accomplishments at the tender age of 26.

“You're talking to greatness her,” Rhea Ripley said. “You're talking to my Latino heat, ‘Dirty' Dom himself. He's already surpassed his father, deadbeat dad, and he's just gonna growing, and growing, and growing, and he's gonna take over this business. Because he's part of The Judgment Day, and The Judgment Day, we run all of the WWE.”

Mysterio commented next and agreed with everything his “Mami” said, noting that he is now perfect in NXT and will keep his record as such for the foreseeable future.

“Thank you, Mami,” Dominik Mysterio said. “You're definitely correct about all that, and now that I can actually speak and not get interrupted by a bunch of deadbeats and has-beens or whatever's out there, I am the new NXT North American Champion, and now that I think about it, I'm 2-0 here in NXT. Your boy ‘Dirty Dom' is undefeated, and with The Judgment Day and Mami by my side, it looks like it's gonna stay that way.”

What is the plan for “Dirty” Dom in NXT? Will he drop the strap to Mustafa Ali at The Great American Bash, or will he hold the title for much, much, much, much, much longer, giving Lee's 270-day title reign a run for his money just to add insult to injury? Fans will have to keep tuning into NXT to find out; just like the promotion's higher-ups intended.

Dominik Mysterio has loved his time working with The Judgment Day.

Discussing what it was like to join The Judgment Day after being a babyface with his father for the first two years of his WWE career with UK Metro on Monday, Dominik Mysterio noted that the pairing came naturally to him, as he's always been a fan of picking on people who are weaker than him.

“It did come a little bit natural to me, just because I've always been a fan of teasing and making fun of people – especially because I grew up with a little sister! So, it was easy to naturally poke and make fun of her, so I can just carry that on. Even with Priest and Finn and Rhea – especially Rhea, they taught me how to just go out there and be a menace to these people. And just have them not like me!” Dominik Mysterio said.

“Finn has been doing this for so many years, on top of his game for so many years, not only in WWE but in New Japan, all over the world. Same with Damian, taking over Ring of Honor, being the guy in NXT, and then coming up here on the main roster and being Main Event Priest. Honestly, the fact that I'm able to go out there with them and have 30-plus years of experience from everyone in that group – we're all just having fun, man. And the fact that they tell me to go out there and just be confident and have fun, I really rely on them. I think it's really a family thing that we can just really on each other.”

Asked what his plans were for the future, Mysterio noted that he wants to keep working with his boys and girl in The Judgment Day and maybe even bring some additional gold to the faction's coffers.

“Honestly, right now, I'm kinda just going with the flow, whatever The Judgment Day's got planned or whatever we think is the best fit for us moving forward,” Mysterio said. “I would definitely like to see us hold some gold. I want some tag gold with my boys; whether it's with Finn or Damian, I want some gold around us. Or even if it's Finn and Damian, I just want some gold around The Judgment Day. Rhea looks great in gold, but I know the boys would too!”

Fast forward two days into the future, and Mysterio made good on his slightly younger self's prediction, securing the North American Championship on NXT Television and becoming the sort of invading outsider a la Logan Paul that fans love to hate when they come into their promotions. For better or worse, the Dominik Mysterio era has arrived in NXT; what that means, only Paul “Triple H” Levesque and Shawn Michaels know.