After the biggest wrestling news story of the 2020s broke on Sunday and was then confirmed early Monday morning, that Endeavor had officially acquired 51 percent of WWE to form a “$21+ billion” entertainment empire,” fans across the world wondered how this change in management structure would affect the company's on-screen product.

Would things suddenly change, and the format completely change along with it, maybe back to how things were run when Vince McMahon was in charge? Or would it look like something new entirely; something unlike anything else previously seen in the promotion's history?

Fortunately, Paul “Triple H” Levesque was afforded a chance to address the WWE Universe head-on during the opening segment of RAW and let it be known that, despite the changes behind the scenes, WWE isn't going anywhere.

“On a day where WWE is dominating the news, and social media, the day after WrestleMania when we are water cooler talk, when we are all anyone wants to talk about,” Levesque said. “Then WWE comes around today and makes an announcement that is all anyone wants to talk about. But I am here to assure you that we ain’t going nowhere!

“The same WWE that you love, the same WWE that put 161,000 people to the rafters at SoFi Stadium, is going nowhere. The Same WWE that you love, the Superstars, the actions, the drama, all of it. We are going nowhere. We will be here week-in, and week-out, event after event, sold-out arena, after sold-out arena, packed stadium after packed stadium, because we are the WWE and just like it says at the beginning, then, now, together, forever.”

Is Triple H correct? Will WWE continue on its current trajectory, which fans really seem to enjoy, or will things slowly – or not so slowly – surely change into something new? Fans will have to watch to find out.