Are Bray Wyatt and Uncle Howdy the same person? This question has been bothering more than a few WWE fans since “The Fiendish One” and his metal-masked uncle started appearing on the promotion's television back in October and has remained a mystery ever since… until now? That's right, after taking his weekly lumps from Wyatt on SmackDown on the second Friday in December – this time with a freaky video featuring LA Knight tied up to a chair that was shared with Michael Cole, and Wade Barrett via a QR code (?) – Knight took to the WWE ring and attempted to address the situation once and for all.

Taking to the ring in his usual unusual glasses and in-ring attire, Knight demanded to settle the score once and for all, declaring that he was going to keep knocking on Wyatt's door until they finally settled things in the ring once and for all. Unfortunately for Knight, Wyatt heard his call and came down to the ring for a sort of meeting of the minds, if you will.

Knight got his shots in early, laying in lefts, rights, boots, and bumps on the largely defenseless Wyatt before that familiar logo appeared on the screen and a certain metal-faced madman, Uncle Howdy, appeared with his typically cryptic messages. At first, this stopped Knight's might, but once he remembered that Wyatt and Howdy are the same person, he re-loaded and started hitting once more… at least for a moment. When the music hit once more, none other than Uncle Howdy walked onto the ramp and appeared in the very same shot as his nephew. This appearance and the revelation that someone else – Bo Dallas? – is under the mask was enough to send Knight running for the hills, and, in a rare reprieve, he wasn't even attacked or laid out under a mountain of chairs before he could get in his car and get the heck out of Chicago.

So what gives? Is Wyatt actually not Howdy and he's been trying his best to keep the supernatural force of nature at bay? Or is this simply a ploy to keep the WWE Universe guessing while Wyatt keeps his true intentions – returning Alexa Bliss to her spooky, Sister Abighal-y persona – under wraps?  Either way, after wanting to rid himself of the Maximum Male Models and instead operate from a more natural character, Knight has found himself in a perilous situation that even the most charismatic member of the SmackDown roster would struggle to overcome.

LA Knight details the unique challenge of working with Wyatt in WWE.

As Knight continues on with his unlikely feud with Wyatt on SmackDown, the former Eli Drake/Max Dupri detailed the “unique challenge” of working a program with Wyatt, who has permanently changed the trajectory of multiple other performers who have worked with him in the ring to Ethan Absler of USA Insider.

“Working with Wyatt is a unique challenge in the sense that you’ve got two diametrically opposed personalities. You have two very different approaches to what we do, and in a strange way, it almost brings together a beautiful symphony so to speak, just because of the contrasting way we do things. At the same time, those contrasting pieces can mesh together into something that’s pretty creatively satisfying and so far so good,” said Knight. I think it’s pretty clear [who attacked me]. Look at all the little symbols and the Fiend masks and that kind of stuff. As far as I can tell, that seems to be all along his lines. It seems to fit his M-O,” he explained.

Once upon a time, working with Wyatt was an interesting opportunity for wrestlers within the WWE Universe, as performers like Matt Hardy, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, and the duo eventually known as The Bludgeon Brothers, Eric Rowan/Redbeard, and the late Brody Lee, once he introduced The Fiend and started forgoing traditional wrestling matches for, um, in-ring experiences that ranged from kind of creepy or down-right bad but always left the other performer looking worse as a result. Will Knight find himself in the same boat as Seth Rollins, a performer who was once one of WWE's top babyfaces but has since been relegated to playing goofball heels ever since? Or will he find his name on the ever-expanding list of performers who were unable to take on a “post-Fiend” Wyatt and look better on the other side? Fortunately, if anyone has enough charisma to remain entertaining against Wyatt, it has to be Knight, who might just be too stubborn to back off of even the most imposing challenge.