When Johnny Gargano promised that he would deliver a big reveal to the WWE Universe on Monday Night Raw if The Miz didn’t own up to what was going on with Dexter Lumis, he did not disappoint.

Sitting down with Byron Saxton for a sort of Dateline-meets-60-minutes-style interview, Gargano laid out a bold claim that Lumis hasn’t actually been stocking Miz for reason unknown but that, instead, Mike has been paying the former NXT standout and husband of Indi Hartwell to draw up press and sympathy for his cause.

“You know, you were a little snug with that sleeper hold, but… I actually think this is working, like people are actually buying it,” Miz said in a conversation tapped by Gargano. “So let’s try something new next Monday. Here’s half, and I’ll pay you the rest once it’s all done… Don’t look at me like that. Take the money and keep your mouth shut. Oh yeah, that shouldn’t be an issue. Am I right?”

When Saxton asked Gargano why Miz would do just a thing, Johnny Wrestling laid out his theory.

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“Why would The Miz do that? Because he’s The Miz, man, he thinks he’s a celebrity, and celebrities just want attention,” Gargano said. “They fabricate stories and call the paparazzi on themselves all the time. Miz clearly wanted a celebrity stalker, and exploited Dexter’s situation. It’s disgusting and vile… I realize how serious this is, but look at the footage and see for yourself. The first few times we saw Dexter show up on RAW, he and Miz exchange glances, but no physical altercation. And when Dexter dragged Miz away from the arena during his tag match, Miz practically walked out with Dexter, barely struggling.”

So what gives? Are, or at least were, Miz and Lumis in cahoots? And where does Gritty fall into all of this? Needless to say, this is one weird, weird situation that will hopefully be followed up on on the next episode of RAW.