Nick Young finally made his much-anticipated boxing debut on Saturday, and unsurprisingly, the fight was mired with controversy.

For starters, Young's original opponent, rapper Blueface, was forced to withdraw from the fight just two days before the event after he was denied a boxing license in Las Vegas. YouTube star Minikon filled in as Blueface's replacement, and to be fair, the former put up a somewhat noteworthy performance considering how he had just two days' notice.

The fight abruptly ended in the fourth round after Young was hit by what appeared to be an inadvertent headbutt. The former Los Angeles Lakers guard was left lying on the canvass for a considerable period before the fight was eventually called off.

Given the controversial nature of the stoppage, it wasn't surprising that some folks believed that there was more to this than what's on the surface. Some even believe that Young was already knocked out before the fight was stopped — something that Swaggy P vehemently denied:

“Y’all crazy Sayin I got knock out…. I was whooping that boy a–,” Young wrote in his tweet.

Young had the exact same message after the fight, claiming that he felt confident that he was winning the bout up until he was headbutted (via Harry Davies of Mirror):

“I felt good, I hit him a lot, I felt I came and did what I had to do. He hit me with a cheap shot and that's what you've got to do when you're losing. I don't want him getting a headbutt at the end and thinking he won off a headbutt, I don't know how you can think he won,” he said.

Whatever the case may be, one thing you can say for sure is that it wasn't a very impressive boxing debut for Nick Young, who clearly still has a lot to learn in the sport. Whether or not he gets another chance in the ring remains to be seen.