New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge broke the American League record with his 62nd home run on Tuesday during the first inning of the second leg of the doubleheader against the Texas Rangers. Already, the fan who caught the ball, Cory Youmans, is expected to receive some impressive cash offers for the piece of MLB history, and already one memorabilia hunter has put forth a seven-figure offer for the baseball. Via AP News, JP Cohen of Memory Lane Inc. revealed he’s reached out to Youmans with an offer of $2 million in exchange for the coveted baseball, but has yet to hear back.

After catching the ball on Tuesday night, Youmans revealed he doesn’t yet know what he plans to do with it. Selling Judge’s 62nd home run ball is always an option, and Cohen has already submitted quite the enticing proposal to the lucky fan.

Memory Lane Inc. is a sports memorabilia auction house based in Tustin, California. Cohen informed the Associated Press that he’d reached out to Youmans via email and text in regards to a potential sale of historic baseball which made Aaron Judge the New York Yankees’ and American League single-season record holder.

Prior to history being made on Tuesday, Cohen had pledged to pay $2 million for Judge’s 62nd home run ball, and now that the event has gone down, the Memory Lane Inc. owner has followed up on his high-stakes offer.

“We did make an offer of $2 million and that offer is still valid,” Cohen said of the $2 million proposition for the Aaron Judge home run ball.