Carlos Rodon had solidified himself as a really effective pitcher in the MLB, until he came to the New York Yankees. With the prestigious club, he pitched a 6.85 ERA, the highest of his career with at least 10 games played.

Even in his last start for New York last season, he was dreadful as he let go of eight earned runs to the Kansas City Royals and did not earn an out. Rodon was just one aspect of the Yankees disappointing season where they missed the playoffs, but the 31-year old pitcher is now heading into next season trying to get back to the basics according to Chris Kirschner of The Athletic.

“It builds every time you take the ball,” Rodón said. “You just want to do more. I was trying to do more. When I was worse, I wanted to do more the next time. Every pitch, I wanted to do more. I was trying to do more, I wanted to throw every pitch as hard as I could, I wanted to throw every slider as hard as I could, I wanted to strike every hitter out in three pitches. Sometimes, it felt like I wanted to strike guys out in one pitch, which is not even possible. Like what are we doing? I wanted to do too much. That’s how I get. Like if I’m going to fight, I’m going to knock you out in one punch. I want to get you done with. It’s just too much. It was so much gritting of the teeth. I needed to breathe.”

Rodon ready to put first season with Yankees behind him

Carlos Rodon throwing a pitch, New York Yankees

Rodon signed a six-year, $162 million with the Yankees and while the first season was a slog, he is looking for a huge step forward in 2024. He even acknowledges that he can be better as he is reflecting on the miscues and missteps from last season and applying what Rodon learned into this upcoming stint with New York.