The New York Giants suffered a humiliating defeat against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 4 of the 2023 NFL season, losing 24-3. The Giants' offense was completely shut down, and their defense struggled to contain the Seahawks' potent attack. In this article, we will identify four New York Giants personnel to blame for the loss and analyze their performances.

Giants' Week 4 Loss

The Giants' offense was completely ineffective against the Seahawks, managing only three points in the entire game. Quarterback Daniel Jones was sacked 10 times, and the offensive line was unable to protect him. The running game was also non-existent, with the Giants gaining only 46 yards on the ground outside of Jones. The Giants' defense was also unable to stop the Seahawks, with the secondary struggling to contain Seattle's passing attack. Overall, it was a disappointing performance from the Giants, and there were several personnel who contributed to the loss.

Here we will look at the four New York Giants to blame for their embarrassing Monday Night Football loss to the Seahawks.

Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones now holds a dismal 1-12 record under the Monday night lights, and his performance in this week's loss did little to redeem him. During the first half, he missed a wide-open Wan'Dale Robinson after hastily leaving a rare clean pocket. At one point, he held onto the ball for too long, resulting in a fumble. Later in the third quarter, he threw an interception that proved to be a game-changer. This interception was the result of a clear miscommunication with Parris Campbell, although Darren Waller was also somewhat open but couldn't be considered due to the lack of time for Jones to go through his progressions.

Jones had a disastrous outing. He managed just 14 completions out of 31 attempts for 120 yards and zero touchdowns. Furthermore, he endured a staggering 10 sacks, which strongly indicates his inability to read the Seahawks' defensive strategies and make swift decisions. If the Giants wish to win games, Jones needs to refine his decision-making abilities and enhance his accuracy.

Offensive Line

The Giants might as well have left their offensive linemen on the bench. Keep in mind that Seattle's defense entered the game with a mere five sacks to their name. However, they departed with an astounding 16 after repeatedly taking down Daniel Jones 10 times, and also adding another sack against Parris Campbell. Jones suffered a total of 14 hits, not even accounting for the occasions he managed to escape the pocket and gain positive yardage.

Right tackle Evan Neal said post-game:

“As horrible as this feels, you've got to get up and go to work in the morning. We're all we've got. That's all we need.”

However, it appears that it will require more than just the return of Andrew Thomas to rectify this dire situation.

Simply put, the Giants' offensive line failed to protect Jones. Additionally, they were incapable of creating running lanes for the team's running backs, who could only muster 46 rushing yards. If the Giants are to have any hope of success, the offensive line must step up their game by safeguarding Jones and opening up running opportunities.

Coaching Staff

A year ago, current head coach Brian Daboll took charge of a struggling team and transformed them into playoff victors. That earned him the AP Coach of the Year accolade. However, the current season has seen a complete reversal of fortunes. Daboll's team now appears to be poorly coached and is struggling in all three aspects of the game. They lack discipline, and the tenacity they displayed last season is absent. They also seem all too willing to endure defeat without putting up a fight.

As for defensive coordinator Wink Martindale, recall that he challenged members of the media to tally the number of missed tackles during Monday night's game. Unfortunately, he placed too much faith in his players. The Giants' defense remained chaotic, plagued by missed tackles throughout the field. These resulted in numerous significant plays and scores. The one silver lining is that the defense managed to limit Seattle's potent offense to just 17 points.

The Giants' coaching staff needs to accept some responsibility for this defeat. They were unable to adapt during the game and failed to position their players for success. To have any chance of winning games, the coaching staff must improve their player preparation and in-game adjustments.

Special Teams

The perplexing performance of the special teams units raises questions. The Giants committed a staggering six penalties on special teams. Those were in addition to rookie Eric Gray being replaced as the punt returner after mishandling the first attempt of the game.

The Giants were so desperate that they even placed Adoree Jackson in the punt return role. This was despite Jackson's previous injury while returning a punt last season.

Looking Ahead

The New York Giants suffered a humiliating defeat against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 4 of the 2023 NFL season. There were several personnel who contributed to the loss, including Daniel Jones, the offensive line, the special teams, and the coaching staff. If the Giants are going to have any chance of winning games, they need to improve in these areas. The Giants have a lot of work to do if they want to turn their season around and make a playoff push.