Brock Purdy completely destroyed the New York Giants with the help of Kyle Shanahan's schematics. Brian Daboll had a game plan to contain the San Francisco 49ers' quarterback but Purdy made light work with all the blitzing that was happening in front of him during their NFL Week 3 matchup.

Brock Purdy did not sit a lot in the pocket against the Giants. The 49ers quarterback was blitzed 33 times on 39 of his drop backs. This amounted to Brian Daboll's secondary going after nearly 84.6% of the time that a snap was occurring. This is the highest blitz rate against a quarterback in recent memory, per Next Gen Stats.

Despite all the chaos in front of him, the 49ers star still threw for 247 yards while facing the Giants' blitz sets. He also notched two passing touchdowns which made it hard for Daniel Jones and his squad to recover. The secret to all of this success despite the tough plays deployed against him? Purdy averaged the fastest throwing time of his career during NFL Week 3. It only took him 2.34 seconds to find a target and dart the pass towards them.

All of these culminated in the absolute domination of the Giants. The 49ers now improve to a three-win record without having to suffer from a loss. Their next challenge comes in the form of the Arizona Cardinals who they can clearly take advantage of to get to four wins. Will San Francisco be able to keep this hot streak all the way to a Super Bowl victory?