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George Kittle’s hilarious April Fool’s prank draws nervous reaction from GM John Lynch

George Kittle, John Lynch, 49ers

George Kittle of the San Francisco 49ers hilariously trolled everyone on April Fool’s Day by posting a photo of himself in Jacksonville Jaguars gear.

And that includes his general manager John Lynch, who also had an equally hilarious reaction to Kittle’s joke.

The 27-year-old Kittle claimed he will be a member of the Jaguars for the upcoming season, which is extremely unlikely—if not impossible—unless a trade occurs. Seeing as Kittle is one of the best tight ends in the business, it’s implausible for the 49ers to ship him away.

Despite Kittle’s pranking of Lynch, the truth is that Kittle has a contract that he has a potential out of after the 2022 season.  Kittle will still be in his prime age at that time and could opt to go to a different team if the 49ers are still not performing well.

Since entering the NFL in 2017 after an impressive career at Iowa, Kittle quickly established himself as one of the best receivers in the entire league—and not just at the tight end position.

Despite an injury-shortened 2020 campaign, wherein he broke his foot during a Week 8 loss to the Seattle Seahawks, causing him to miss the remainder of the season, Kittle is a two-time Pro Bowler and was an All-Pro in 2019 after a 1,053-yard, five-touchdown season.

While George Kittle seems to be firmly entrenched with the 49ers as one of the team’s top players, his epic April Fool’s Day prank on his boss John Lynch might be his best highlight yet.