49ers news: Nick Bosa is working on 'finishing' sacks
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49ers’ Nick Bosa is working on ‘finishing’ sacks

Nick Bosa, 49ers

Nick Bosa leads the San Francisco 49ers in pressures (17), but he hasn’t turned them into sacks. In the first three games of his rookie season, he was one; he thinks that is should be far more, as he’s missing sacks that were just in front of him.

One sack that he whiffed on came last week against the Pittsburgh Steelers. He nearly had a strip-sack on Mason Rudolph, until the quarterback stepped up into the pocket and avoided Bosa’s pressure. “I don’t know what happened on that,” said Bosa, via Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports Bay Area. “I got cold feet.”

“It’s coming together. I’ve just got to keep going,” says Bosa. “The finishing part is tough because you never practice it. Sometimes it’s like, ‘Wait a minute, I beat the lineman, so what do I do now?’ It’s just getting used to finishing plays, and that will come.”

Bosa figures part of his sack woes is the technique in which he rushes the passer.

“I’ve been using speed so much, and I have really good power,” Bosa said. “Just sometimes I don’t use it. Before the rush, I think, ‘I got to use power; got to use power.’ Then, I go speed and I go, ‘Why did I do that? I got to use power.’ … I brought power almost all day [against the Steelers]. Hit them with a couple speed moves, but I knew I could get underneath him and power him, so I did.”

Bosa could use power more often, but he’s also not 100%, as he’s nursing a high ankle sprain suffered in training camp. Luckily, he has a bye in Week 4, which should help him regain his health, in turn, his sack-finishing abilities.