Alabama football fans likely raised their eyebrows after they heard comments made by Texas A&M Aggies wide receiver Ainias Smith. Smith, whose brother Maurice was initially blocked by Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban from transferring to his preferred destination of Georgia, said that the game against Alabama is going to be “personal” for him.

Not only that, but the Aggies receiver said he “knows what Saban wants” from his offense and defense, indicating that he has figured some things out about the seven-time national champion.

Alabama football defensive back Terrion Arnold was asked about Smith's comments. Arnold had a pretty amusing response at first, saying even he doesn't know what Saban wants.

“I seen something that said he knows what Coach Saban wants, and when I seen that, I was kind of like, ‘What does Coach Saban want? I mean, I’ve been here three years and I don’t know what the guy wants. I don’t really know. If we’re being honest, I don’t even really know.”

Basically, Arnold is saying that Smith couldn't possibly know what Saban wants, because even his own players don't know.

But Arnold, a redshirt sophomore, then addressed Smith's comments further, revealing his plan to fire back at Smith for these Saban comments.

Alabama football: Terrion Arnold's trash talk plan

“If you had another reporter and you felt like he was asking you certain types of questions or trying to get a reaction out of somebody else and he was coming at you, like how would you take that? So if I’m in the game and he’s saying that he knows what my coach wants, obviously, when I go out there, I’m going to be like, ‘You know what Coach Saban wants, huh? What he want?’ Just little things like that. He plays in the slot primarily. If Malachi (Moore) goes out there and gets a PBU on him, you walk beside him like, ‘Hm, you know what he wants.’ So just little things like that, little things trying to get in somebody’s head.”

Arnold and the Alabama football defense figure to use those comments as fuel to trash talk Smith and the rest of the Texas A&M offense.

The game may be personal for Smith for good reason. But the Texas A&M football wideout has now seemingly made the game personal for Saban and Alabama as well.