Well, it's hard to go anywhere these days in Hollywood after even the slightest hint of weight-loss without being suspected of being on Ozempic. Now we can add Anne Hathaway to the list of actresses accused of being on the controversial diabetes medication, which has been frequently linked to celebrities for its off-label appeal as a weight loss treatment — even though doctors far and wide have cautioned that using Ozempic without a prescription, and without its intended purpose of helping control Diabetes symptoms, is very ill-advised and dangerous.

Hathaway was spotted recently at the launch of the Bulgari Mediterranea High Jewelry collection, in Venice, Italy at the Palazzo Ducale, and it's hard to deny she looked noticeably thinner at the event. Hathaway is a brand ambassador for Bulgari, along with Zendaya and Priyanka Chopra, and all do look stunning in their fancy jewels — but many fans were quick to point out on social media that Hathaway's weight loss was a bit alarming.


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Quick to follow comments about the weight loss was the infamous new O word being bandied about in Hollywood — Ozempic… as in, is she on Ozempic?


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The question followed Kris Jenner as well recently when she posted some slimmed-down pics on social media. Her daughter Khloé Kardashian was also accused earlier this year of being on the drug, although she strongly denied the claims.

No comment yet from Anne Hathaway regarding whether or not she is indeed on Ozempic, but no doubt she won't be the last celebrity to be accused of taking it. Oxford English Dictionary might want to think about adding Ozempic-y to its new words list for their next edition.