Former Jackass star Bam Margera has taken to the studio to dish out jabs to some of his former co-stars including Johnny Knoxville.

TMZ broke the story with the footage of Margera's latest music video for his new single, “Feel Like Bam,” featuring Cult Shotta and Tanboymiguel. The verse that Magera features on includes him calling out Knoxville for a fight saying, “So drop the mittens in the ring/Double dare Knoxville/He's gonna be there/So find out if he has the stuff/And find out when I'm gonna f**k you up/So step in the ring pu**y” and mocking the skateboarding skills of the Jackass stars.

Since being excluded from the last Jackass movie, Jackass Forever, Bam Margera has seemingly been beefing with his former team. He has not had a great year as controversies with his partner Nikki arose earlier this spring.

Meanwhile, the Jackass crew has been killing it. They appeared at WrestleMania 38 in promotion of Forever, and their latest film — which was the first in over a decade — grossed $80.5 million worldwide.

Johnny Knoxville is most associated with the Jackass franchise and for being one of the creators of it. While the future of the franchise is unknown, especially given the fact that no one in the cast is getting any younger, he still remains a fixture in pop culture. He voiced a character on Netflix's Agent Elvis and his latest gig comes on The Prank Panel — a new reality series hosted by Eric André (who appeared in Jackass Forever), Gabourey Sidibe, and Knoxville.